Tennis news:

The last Grand Slam of the year is coming to a head! The decision is made at the weekend. Thursday and Friday night semi-final matches take place. Then follow the big finals! All remaining participants had to bite through the toughest challenges. Defending champions Rafael Nadal and Wimbledon winner Novak Djokovic are also in attendance. Even with the ladies, Serena Williams still jibes after the absolute Rekort.

US Sports: NFL season start:

Finally regular season again! Seven months after the epic Super Bowl between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots, the 32 NFL clubs restart. Who''s going to be the favorite of the season? What will become of the current Super Bowl winner? How do Tom Brady and his New England Patriots beat each other, what are the two German representatives doing with their teams and who has the potential to surprise? Many questions, and they all get clarified over time!

Football: NFL season start:

For 16 years, Roman Weidenfeller served under the black and yellow flags. Now he gets the honor of a farewell match.