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Wladimir Klitschko

03.06.2020 - 21:27 Uhr

By: Hans ThemistodeCurrent unified Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua is having a hard time keeping his eyes on the prize. With WBC belt holder Tyson Fury constantly calling him out, it’s been difficult to focus on anyone else. However, the last time Joshua looked ahead, he found himself on the mat on four separate occasions before ultimately getting stopped by Andy Ruiz Jr. in mid 2019.Joshua, of course, has since bounced back. Now, he is now in line to face off against IBF mandatory challenger Kubrat Pulev. The former title challenger has been rolling since losing to Wladimir Klitschko in 2014, winning eight straight matchups. Pulev has done all of the dirty work. He faced the virtual unknowns such as George Arias and Maurice Harris to knocking off title contenders such as Dereck Chisora and Hughie Fury. He’s now exactly in the position that he wants to be. And don’t expect him to simply relinquish his spot so easily. Even if it means most of the boxing world hating him for coming in between one of the biggest fights in recent history. “Pulev’s entitled to do exactly what he wants,” said Joshua to IFL TV during a recent interview. “He’s in position to fight me. So, if he wants the opportunity to fight, he sticks to his guns. But if he wants to see, you know, the two world champions in Great Britain clash, then step aside. But that’s the only options.”Joshua may claim that Pulev has two options, but at 39, he may have only one. Stepping aside during a global pandemic in order to allow Tyson Fury and Joshua to meet up in the ring, may not be in his best interest. But putting all pessimism to the side, Pulev could opt to sit on the sidelines and collect not only ring rust, but also piles of cash. But that’s only one side of the equation. Fury still has business of his own to handle in a third fight with Deontay Wilder.“If he wants to fight me and he’s confident, come get this work. Or if you would rather sit back and watch what happens with me and Tyson Fury, that option’s there as well. But if I’m honest with you, my negotiations with Pulev were a bit different. I think [Fury] has a lot of things he needs to sort out with Deontay Wilder.”The post Anthony Joshua Doesn’t Blame Kubrat Pulev For Refusing to Step Aside appeared first on

31.05.2020 - 18:35 Uhr

By: Hans ThemistodeTyson Fury isn't just a boxer, apparently he is also a fortune teller. In 2015, Fury told every and anyone who would listen that he was going to make it look easy against long standing Heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko. Those who laughed though, were left shell shocked when Fury did exactly what he said he would do. Three years later, he told the world that he would box circles around Deontay Wilder. Outside of two knockdowns on the night, Fury did exactly what he said he would do once again. Fast forward two years to February of 2020, and Fury made his boldest prediction yet. A win wasn't good enough in his rematch with Wilder. No, he wanted his hand raised before the final bell. If you’ve been paying attention to the theme thus far, then you’ll know that he was right once again. Stopping Wilder in the seventh round. Now, with a perfect record not only in the ring, but also in his predictions, Fury is making another prognostication. “I’ll knock him out around two to three rounds,” said Fury when asked how a fight with unified Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua would play out. “First time I connect, his legs will do a dance. I’ll just jump on him like that fat kid [Andy Ruiz]. I’ll tell you what shot it’s gonna be, should I? ‘Left hook to the temple, you’re gonna see him do a Bambi dance all over the ring.”Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury would be a dream matchup for most boxing fans. However, COVID-19 isn't the only reason why that contest won’t be happening anytime soon. Fury is currently wrapped up in a third and seemingly final fight with Wilder. Joshua on the other hand, has to get past IBF mandatory challenger in Kubrat Pulev. But even if Joshua runs through Pulev and Fury gets rid of Wilder and health experts knockout COVID-19, Fury believes there could be another obstacle.“Eddie Hearn talks a lot of hot air as usual. Have the guts to step up to the plate and get flattened, son. Give the fans what they want and stop running away from the biggest fight since Lennox [Lewis] fought Frank Bruno.”The post Tyson Fury on Anthony Joshua Showdown: “First Time I Connect, His Legs Will Do a Dance” appeared first on

28.05.2020 - 19:30 Uhr

SHOWTIME Sports® has announced today its SHOWTIME BOXING CLASSICS June slate, featuring a collection of Mike Tyson fights, Anthony Joshua vs. Wladimir Klitschko and other memorable moments from the network’s deep archive of world championship bouts.The post Mike Tyson, Andre Ward, Carl Froch and Anthony Joshua vs. Wladimir Klitschko Highlight Showtime Boxing Classics in June appeared first on Round By Round Boxing.

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Wir hatten in den letzten Wochen einen Corona-bedingten Stillstand im Boxsport zu verzeichnen. Es durfte nicht wie sonst üblich in den Gyms trainiert werden und Veranstaltungen fanden ebenfalls wochenlang nicht statt. Viele Boxer/innen suchten und fanden private Möglichkeiten, um sich einzeln oder in kleinen Gruppen fit zu halten. Jetzt kommt wieder Bewegung ins „Spiel“, wenn auch mit veränderten Bedingungen. Unter Auflagen darf in manchen Ländern wieder richtig trainiert werden. Veranstaltungen gibt es auch wieder. Zwar ohne zahlendes Live-Publikum, aber immerhin. An diesem Wochenende finden kleinere Events in China, Südkorea, Mexiko und den USA statt. Wollen wir mal hoffen, dass die Corona Krise bald noch weiter abflacht und Schritt für Schritt die gewohnte Normalität zurückkehren kann. Wie lange man noch auf besonders extreme Hygienevorschriften achten muss, ist ungewiss und hauptsächlich von den Auflagen der regionalen Behörden abhängig. Egal ob Kleinstadt-Boxbude oder großes Gym in einer Weltmetropole – es waren und sind immer noch alle betroffen. Viele Trainingsstätten hat der Stillstand bis an den Rand des Ruins ...

By: Hans ThemistodeWhen Errol Spence Jr. left the scene of his one car accident in October of 2019, without any major injuries, hardly anyone could believe it. His high powered sports car was completely totaled, and footage of the wreck left many incredulous to the injury report that stated he only had a few loose teeth and minor facial scrapes. A warm up fight for the unified Welterweight champion made sense, but he would hear none of it. Now, Spence (26-0, 21 KOs) got his wish in the form of two division world champion Danny Garcia as his next opponent. Many have already penciled in win number 27 for the Dallas native. But WBO belt holder Terence Crawford is telling everyone whoa, not so fast. “I don’t know what his status [is] on his injuries, or his health,” said Crawford on the Ak and Barak show. “But all I know is, you know, it’s gonna be a good fight, and Danny Garcia ain’t no pushover. Like I’ve been telling people, he ain’t no joke. And Errol ain’t, either. So, that’s gonna make for a great fight. I wish both of them well and the best.”Spence was last seen inside of the ring squeezing out a decision win against Shawn Porter. It may have been his toughest fight to date, but Crawford believes that statement can change the moment Spence faces off with Garcia. “The way Errol fought Shawn Porter, I kind of think it suits Danny’s style better,” Crawford said. “You know, because I feel like Shawn has a more rugged type of strength than Danny. But I think Danny is more sturdier and punch harder. You know, Shawn got that bull strength, but Danny got like that, ‘You’re not pushing me back’ strength. So it’s gonna be exciting to watch because Errol got that same strength like Danny. Like, ‘All right, I’m gonna out-power you, out-will you, you know, out-punch you.’ So, now it comes to who’s gonna out-will who, who’s gonna take whose punch better. You know, both of ‘em can box, at the same time, so it’s gonna make for an exciting fight.”The post Terence Crawford Warns Errol Spence Jr: “Danny Garcia Ain’t No Joke” appeared first on