28.09.2021 - 21:49 Uhr
This week on this week's episode of This Week, we talk all things Formula 1, in the aftermath of the Russian Grand Prix, which saw Lewis Hamilton take his 100th Grand Prix victory. We run down everything that happened in Sochi with Autosport's Grand Prix editor, Alex Kalinauckas. We will also talk IndyCar and of course,a famous championship victory for Alex Palou with NBC commentator and voice of IndyCar, Leigh Diffey. We'll talk through the entire week in motorsport and we'll look at IMSA and talk to Ricky Taylor.



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Hamilton, Lewis

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But for Carlos Sainz, who is the Prancing Horse's most recent hire, that point in time stands out for being just a little bit unusual.Not for him a grand ceremony at Maranello and then a celebratory lunch with his new bosses.Instead, becoming an official Ferrari driver was all done on what seemed to be a very normal morning when he got out of bed."It's actually a bit of a funny story ...Keep reading