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Sydney FC

28.06.2021 - 01:12 Uhr

A seven-second period during the grand final solidified a key name in Melbourne City’s impending dynastyMoments can define footballers. They can build them up or tear them down, earn a big contract or have one terminated, transform them into a mythic hero or the protagonist in a cautionary tale.Often, though, moments reinforce what we already know about a player. Marco Tilio’s talent had been evident throughout this A-League season, particularly in the second half when he became a regular starter. That was reconfirmed during the smallest sliver of play late in Melbourne City’s grand final win, about seven seconds somewhere between the 70th and 71st minute. Related: Melbourne City win maiden A-League championship with grand final defeat of Sydney FC Sheesh Marco, that is : @FOXFOOTBALL#MCYvSYD #ALLive #ALeagueGF #WhoWillTakeItAll Continue reading...

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