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By: Hans Themistode Is it fair to name current WBO Welterweight champion Terence Crawford the best fighter in the world? It sure is. Deciding who exactly is the best pound for pound fighter is a subjective matter, opinion based, but often filled with plenty of facts to back your initial thoughts. With titles reigns at the three separate weight classes including an undisputed run at 140 pounds, Crawford makes a legitimate case for being considered every and anyones pound for pound number one fighter in the world. Egidijus Kavaliauskas, a two time Olympian will get his chance this Saturday night to hand him his first defeat in New York City, at Madison Square Garden. It is an unlikely scenario, but this is the sport of boxing where anything can happen. This New York City based card has a ton of storylines and huge fights on the docket. Of course the main event featuring Crawford is a headline grabber. Teofimo Lopez and Richard Commey in the co-main event could be a main event all on its own. Don't forget about Michael Conlan vs Vladimir Nikitin either. That contest just screams main event. In short, this is a must see card. Often times something unexpected happens at these fighting events. Fighters such as Terence Crawford and Teofimo Lopez might be who the fans pay to see, but more times then not, they aren't who they leave talking about the most that night. You fully understand how that goes, don't you? A young, relatively unknown fighter on the undercard enters the ring on fight night and dominates his competition. What ensues are a series of questions. “Who is he?” “When is he fighting again?”When Super Lightweight prospect Josue Vargas steps into the ring, that is the impression he often leaves fans with. From the moment the opening bell rings, it becomes ostensible just how good Vargas is. There isn’t anything mundane about the personality of Vargas as his bravado protrudes from aura no matter where he is. It isn't simply that he is a great young fighter, but he also seemingly has the support of not only his hometown but also from those who have come across him.“A lot of supporters bought tickets online, from me, from instagram, my neighborhood,” said Vargas. “I’ve got people flying in from Virginia. I’m definitely going to try to steal the show, that’s the plan.”Stealing the show is something that Vargas has become accustomed to doing throughout his young career. There is a reason why he was first signed by Floyd Mayweather and Mayweather Promotions before ultimately signing with TopRank. The kid just seems to have all of the requisite tools to become a star.“I want to be the new face of Puerto Rico.” His resolute and bold attitude has given him good reason to believe that he can follow in the footsteps of some of the very best boxers out of Puerto Rico. Determining whether or not Vargas will be successful in his attempt to become the new face of Puerto Rico is a question that is too difficult to answer at this very moment. However, something that is not arduous to see, is the talent that he possesses. “Stay tuned and witness greatness this Saturday night, December 14th.”Josue Vargas has gained the attention that he has been asking for. Now, it is his job to keep it and continue to put on a show, starting this Saturday night at Madison Square Garden.The post Remember The Name: Josue Vargas appeared first on BoxingInsider.com.



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By: Hans ThemistodeWBO Welterweight title holder Terence Crawford has been a professional boxer for 12 years now. He’s managed to win world titles in three different weight classes and is universally considered one of, if not the very best in the world pound-for-pound. Yet, with everything that Crawford has achieved in the ring, his boxing resume is amongst the weakest, regardless of weight class. The competition of Crawford is always in question but don’t pin any of the blame on him. Simply put, some of the very best fighters in the world aren't exactly in a rush to step foot inside the ring with him. Crawford (36-0, 27 KOs) has spent the vast majority of his career calling to face the best but no has answered the call. Crawford has repeatedly claimed that his lack of a big name opponent hasn't been frustrating. If no one of note decides to face him, then he will simply continue to dominate whomever they place in front of him. Frustration hasn't hit Crawford just yet, but it does seem that it has affected his promoter Bob Arum. Although he has reached out to just about everyone about matching his star fighter with a big name opponent, it seems as though Arum has decided to go in another direction. Paying attention to every sport is extremely difficult. Yet, even the most dedicated fans of boxing, football or even tennis who don’t pay attention to the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) knows one name. Conor McGregor. On January 18th, the MMA superstar made quick work of Donald Cerrone in their contest at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. McGregor of course, loss his first and only boxing match against Floyd Mayweather in August of 2017. McGregor’s now looking for redemption against Mayweather. If he can't secure that contest, then he is reportedly very much interested in a matchup against eight division world champion Manny Pacquiao. Bob Arum on the other hand, has another idea in mind. How about McGregor turn his attention to Crawford. In the case of both Mayweather and Pacquiao, McGregor would be forced to face them in the boxing ring. In a bout with Crawford however, Arum wants to see his star face McGregor in the boxing ring and in the octagon.“You’ve got an elite boxer in Terence Crawford fighting an elite MMA guy in Conor McGregor under MMA rules,” said Arum. “You don’t think that would be interesting and something the public would want to see? I think it’s very realistic. Whenever they are ready, we are ready,” Arum said, referring to UFC president Dana White and McGregor. “We’d do the MMA fight first if that’s what they want.”Realistic? Yes. Dangerous? Also yes. Crazy? Hell yes. Crawford is a great fighter. Maybe even the best in the world but MMA is a completely different animal. The story is always the same when it comes down to these crossover matchups. If it takes place in the boxing ring then the boxer will win. If it’s done inside of the octagon, then the MMA fighter will take home the victory. That might be the right away to think about those scenarios normally, but Crawford is anything but normal.“I’m a fighter first,” Crawford said. “As a fighter, I would entertain it. I just have to have the proper time to prepare myself. It would be a little more than boxing training. I haven’t been in that [wrestling] environment in a long time, but most definitely I feel I can compete with anyone given the proper time to train on the MMA side, being that I have a wrestling background. McGregor would have worry about my stand-up game as well. It would be interesting. He’s got good kicks and he’s strong. I’d have to prepare myself for those things, but I feel I would be all right. A lot of people may say if Terence goes into the Octagon, he will get crushed, but they don’t know me.”A fight with McGregor would gift Crawford with more money than he can count but that isn't on the mind of Crawford. The sort of attention that a fight with McGregor could bring the Welterweight champ is what he desires. If no one else wants to fight him then it’s time to get creative.“I can’t get none of these top welterweights in the ring to fight me, so whatever is clever,” said Crawford. “I’m with it all.”If this mega event actually does take place, the obvious outcome should be that Crawford wins in the boxing match and McGregor would take home the victory in the MMA matchup. But, according to Arum, McGregor certainly has no shot in the ring but you shouldn't sleep on Crawford in the octagon.“Fighting Crawford would be great for McGregor because he has no chance in a boxing match, except to pick up a check,” Arum said. “In an MMA match, he would be the favorite, but Crawford would have a chance because he’s one tough dude and because he has a wrestling background. I think that Crawford is the one boxer that can compete with an elite MMA guy under MMA rules. We’d do two fights so we can level the playing field by fighting in both disciplines. Mayweather and Pacquiao would never fight under MMA rules. Crawford would.”The post Bob Arum Wants Terence Crawford vs Conor McGregor in The Ring and Octagon appeared first on BoxingInsider.com.

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Im Sommer 2016 machte sich Artem Harutyunyan bei allen Box-Fans in Deutschland einen Namen.Bei den Olympischen Spielen in Rio de Janeiro gewann der deutsche Profi-Boxer mit armenischen Wurzeln Bronze im Superleichtgewicht (bis 63,5 Kilo) - und holte damit die erste olympische Medaille eines deutschen Boxers seit 2004.Am Samstagabend steigt der Universum-Athlet beim ersten große Box-Highlight des neuen Jahres in Hamburg in den Ring und verteidigt seinen IBO International-Gürtel. (Der Boxabend in Hamburg am Samstag ab 21 Uhr LIVE im TV auf SPORT1 und im LIVESTREAM)Harutyunyan denkt gerne an Olympia-Triumph"Ich kann garantieren, dass wir sehr schöne Kämpfe liefern. Ich habe einen sehr starken Gegner und werde mein Bestes geben", verspricht der Profi der Universum Boxpromotion vor dem Kampf bei SPORT1.An seinen Olympia-Triumph erinnert er sich immer noch sehr gerne zurück. "Ich reflektiere meine Vorbereitung und die Art und Weise, wie ich damals geboxt habe, um zu wissen, ob ich mich mit der Zeit gesteigert und verbessert habe", erzählt der 29-Jährige.DAZN gratis testen und Kampfsport-Highlights live & auf Abruf erleben | ANZEIGE Ungeschlagener Harutyunyan bereit für WM-KampfSeit 20 Jahren steht Harutyunyan, der als Baby mit seiner Familie aus Armenien nach Deutschland flüchtete, im Ring. 20 Jahre Disziplin, Fleiß und Hingabe für sein großes Ziel, den Weltmeistertitel.Auch, wenn er sich auf das Hier und Jetzt konzentriert und nicht so weit in die Zukunft blicken will, sagt Harutyunyan: "Ich bin bereit, große Herausforderungen anzunehmen und eine Weltmeisterschaft zu boxen. Ob das in diesem oder im nächsten Jahr soweit ist, spielt keine Rolle, ich bin immer bereit dazu. Ich spüre, dass ich bereit bin, mich mit den Besten der Welt zu messen."In seinen bislang acht Profi-Kämpfen (Debüt 2017) ist er ungeschlagen, in seinem neunten Profi-Kampf bekommt es "The Original" nun mit Miguel Cesario Antin aus Argentinien zu tun.Sein 26 Jahre alter Gegner war ihm zuvor noch nicht geläufig: "Ich kenne die Namen der Weltmeister in meiner Klasse nicht. In der unmittelbaren Kampfvorbereitung schaue ich nur ein paar Runden meines Gegners auf Video an. Das reicht mir, den Rest sehe ich dann ja im Ring."Harutyunyan hat Leidenschaft für TattoosNeben dem Boxen hat Harutyunyan, dessen Idol Floyd Mayweather ist, noch eine weitere große Leidenschaft: Tattoos. Sein erstes ließ er sich gleich nachdem er volljährig wurde stechen. Im Laufe der Jahre kamen dann immer mehr dazu.Vergleicht der 29-Jährige seinen beiden Leidenschaften miteinander, steht für ihn fest: "Sich tätowieren zu lassen tut mehr weh als Boxen. Beim Boxen achte ich darauf, dass ich nicht so oft getroffen werden. Beim Tätowieren wird man von der Nadel ja dauernd getroffen".Auch den Medaillengewinn bei Olympia verewigte er mit zwei Samurai-Kämpfern auf seinem rechten Arm: "Die Kämpfer symbolisieren meinen Bruder und mich. Die letzten Überlebenden auf dem Schlachtfeld. Weil ich der letzte Boxer war, der aus der Nationalmannschaft noch im Rennen war und am Ende das deutsche olympische Boxen gerettet hat", erklärte Harutyunyan, dessen älterer Bruder Robert (30 Jahre) ebenfalls boxt.Jetzt aktuelle Sportbekleidung bestellen - hier geht's zum Shop | ANZEIGEHarutyunyan mit Tochter seines Trainers liiertEr sollte am Samstag ebenfalls in Hamburg in den Ring steigen, wurde jedoch in der Vorbereitung von einer Erkältung zurückgeworfen. "Er wird mich dann beim Kampf in der Ecke unterstützen", sagt Harutyunyan.Neben seinem Bruder und seinen Eltern hat er auch zu seinem Trainer Artur Grigorian eine ganz besondere Beziehung, denn seit vier Jahren ist er mit dessen Tochter Karina liiert: "Wir haben ein gutes Verhältnis und können Arbeit und Privatleben gut trennen. Tagsüber ist er mein Trainer, außerhalb der Trainingshalle dann wieder mein Schwiegervater."Einschätzung von SPORT1-Box-Experte Tobias Drews:"Ausgerechnet Superleichtgewicht. Da hat sich Artem Harutyunyan eine der sportlich schwersten Gewichtsklassen ausgesucht. Regis Prograis (USA) und Josh Taylor (Schottland) lieferten sich vor kurzem den Kampf des Jahres 2019 - im Finale der World Boxing Super Series (WBSS) um die Ali-Trophy. Artem muss sich also auf einiges gefasst machen, wenn er die Weltspitze angreift. Das Rüstzeug ist sicher vorhanden, die olympische Medaille ein guter Indikator. Die nächsten drei bis vier Kämpfe werden Aufschluss darüber geben, wie weit der Weg von Artem gehen kann."

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By: Sean CroseMuhammad Ali fought professionally for just over 21 years. It was a remarkable career up until the very end, when horrible losses to Trevor Berbick and Larry Holmes showed it was finally time for “The Greatest” to hang up his gloves. Jack Dempsey dominated the sport of boxing in the 1920’s – but his pro career lasted just over thirteen years. Mike Tyson’s career lasted a bit past twenty years…and the final ten years of so of that career saw “Iron Mike” fighting well past his prime. The truth is that boxing is a brutal sport – one that generally doesn’t lead to a lot of longevity for those who aren’t named Bernard Hopkins. That’s why it’s not hyperbole to declare Manny Pacquiao’s now twenty-five year career nothing short of incredible.The international star started as a pro in the Philippians on January 22nd, 1995. His opponent in the four round contest was the 1-1 Edmund Eting Ignacio. Pacquiao won the bout by unanimous decision, then went on to a stellar career that has not only lasted decades but is remarkably still going strong. Since that first fight all those years ago, Pacquiao has gone from light flyweight all the way to junior middleweight. Along the way, he’s picked up titles in eight weight divisions and battled the biggest names of his generation. What makes this anniversary for Pacquiao particularly unique is that, at 41 years of age, the man is still a top level boxer. Although this is clearly the later part of the Filipino icon’s career, he’s still a major world titleholder. What’s more, in Pacquiao’s last fight, he defeated one of the best of boxing’s new generation of fighters, Keith “One Time” Thurman. People may argue Pacquiao isn’t the same man who absolutely destroyed Oscar De La Hoya back in 2008, but few are ready to write the future Hall of Famer off entirely – not after his recent performances last year against Thurman and Adrien Broner they’re not.Even though he now has to share his time between boxing and his work as a Senator for the Filipino government, “PacMan” still manages to step inside the ring when he can...and those fights are always must see events. Pacquiao’s intense, fast paced, aggressive style simply makes for great viewing. A Manny Pacquiao fight may be many things – but aside from a few exceptions (his superfight with Floyd Mayweather, for instance), a Manny Pacquiao fight is never considered boring. Couple this with the fact that Pacquiao comes across as a gentleman, and it’s easy to see why the man’s popularity is enduring, both in and outside the Philippians.  Here’s hoping he continues  for as long as he safely can. The post Manny Pacquiao Celebrates 25 Years Of Pro Boxing appeared first on BoxingInsider.com.

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Eddie Hearn setzt auf Saudi-Arabien „Sie wollen Saudi-Arabien zur Heimat des Boxens machen”, hat der britische Promoter Eddie Hearn schon vor einiger Zeit in einem Interview erklärt und: „Es wird jede Menge Kämpfe im Nahen Osten geben!“ Was anfänglich zu vermuten war, wird nun zur Gewissheit: Hearn meinte damit wohl vor allem seine eigenen Veranstaltungen. Der 40-jährige, der offenbar nur zu gerne bereit ist, Menschenrechtsverletzungen, Diskriminierung, Folter und Hinrichtung zu ignorieren, wenn es um das finanzielle „Wohlbefinden“ geht, verkauft das „Sportswashing“ des Wüstenstaats gerne als Investition, die ein „Return on Investment“ erzielen werde. Wie das funktionieren soll, wird wohl Hearns Geheimnis bleiben. So wie die Times seinerzeit berichtet hat, sind zum Rückkampf zwischen Andy Ruiz jr und Anthony Joshua im saudi-arabischen Diriah nur rund 4000 Boxfans aus Großbritannien angereist. Bei Paketpreisen von rund £ 1495 (etwa € 1800) für Hin- und Rückflug, zwei Übernachtungen und ein Ticket, kein Wunder. Gegen seine Kritiker wehrt sich Hearn – nicht ganz unzutreffend – mit dem Argument, dass auch ...

By: Sean CroseAfter winning back his belts from Andy Ruiz in impressive fashion last December in Saudi Arabia, Anthony Joshua found himself back at the top of the heavyweight division. He’s got company up there, however, and promoter Eddie Hearn has indicated Joshua is ready to prove who the best man truly is. Along with Joshua, American Deontay Wilder and Englishman Tyson Fury are considered the top dogs at heavyweight. Wilder and Fury will be rematching next month for Wilder’s WBC and Fury’s (claimed) lineal heavyweight titles. Hearn pointed out that he wants Joshua to face the winner.August 8, 2018; Chicago, IL, USA; Eddie Hearn speaks at the press conference announcing the October 6, 2018 Matchroom Boxing USA card at the Wintrust Arena in Chicago, IL. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom Boxing USA“You have new players in town,” Hearn recently told Sky Sports, “that are willing to spend money never seen before in the sport. It’s there.” Hearn was clearly referring  the Saudi Arabian government, which hosted Joshua’s December rematch with Ruiz. “We’ve had the conversations,” said Hearn. “We did it once in December. I know the money they’re willing to put into this fight at the backend of the year.” Although Wilder and Fury are about to fight for the second time, there has been difficulty getting either man a Joshua fight. One side blames the other in these scenarios, but Hearn argued it’s time to get a match with either fighter done.“There’s just too much money,” Hearn stated. “There comes a time in the sport where money talks too much.” In other words, Hearn feels there will be no reason in the world Joshua can’t face the winner of Wilder-Fury 2. “We’re at the stage now where even if the other guys didn’t want it, they can’t ignore the numbers.” Although Joshua has yet to fight Wilder or Fury, Hearn feels that a battle between Joshua and either man would be even bigger than it previously would have been. “Everybody’s lucky that the numbers we were talking about a year ago have doubled, tripled,” he said.Fans would obviously love to see one fighter emerge as the king of the heavyweight division. The problem, as is generally always the case in modern boxing, is politics. Joshua, Fury, and Wilder are represented by separate managers, and appear on separate networks. Throw in the egos that abound in boxing and things are apt to become even more complicated. With Wilder and Fury about to fight in front of a PPV broadcast shared by ESPN and Fox, however, there’s some indication that icy relationships can thaw under the right circumstances – at least temporarily.“Don’t be greedy,” said Hearn “You’ve spun it up on that roulette wheel, now take your chips and leave.” The post Hearn Wants Joshua To Face Wilder-Fury 2 Winner In Saudi Arabia appeared first on BoxingInsider.com.