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16.06.2020 - 12:04 Uhr
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Die Planspiele für ein Nostalgie-Comeback von Box-Legende Mike Tyson werden immer irrer.Der frühere Schwergewichts-Kollege Shannon Briggs will in einem Stahlkäfig gegen "Iron Mike" antreten und dazu noch zwei weitere Legenden ins Boot holen. Im Gespräch: Evander Holyfield, David Haye - und Wladimir Klitschko!Shannon Briggs plant "Steel Cage Match" wie bei WWE"Ich rede mit Leuten auf der ganzen Welt, um diesen Deal zustande zu bringen", erklärte Briggs auf, als Kampfbörse werden 37 Millionen Dollar genannt: "Und ich denke, wir sollten es in einem Stahlkäfig machen - ein Steel Cage Match!"Wie das Ganze aussehen soll? "Runde für Runde, ein Tag-Team-Kampf! Ich mache zwei Runden und dann würde ich sagen: Jetzt bin ich mal ein paar Runden raus."Neben Tyson - mit dem er einen Kampf schon als fix vermeldet hatte - hat Briggs unter anderem auch Wladimir Klitschko für die Idee im Auge: "Ich haue sie alle weg. Evander Holyfield haue ich weg. Auch - wie heißt er nochmal? Klitschko. Und David Haye definitiv. Aus dem mache ich Hühnchen-Pita!"Nur wildes Gerede des als marktschreierisch bekannten 48-Jährigen? Oder steckt wirklich Konkretes dahinter?Tyson, Holyfield und auch Klitschko kokettierenFest steht: Der 53 Jahre alte Tyson und sein vier Jahre älterer Rivale Holyfield kokettieren seit einiger Zeit öffentlich mit dem Gedanken eines Show-Comebacks für den guten Zweck, auch der jüngere Klitschko-Bruder ist im Boot, ließ sich als Trainingspartner Holyfields ablichten.Briggs' Idee - die er im Mai auch schon über seine Social-Media-Kanäle lancierte - klingt zwar mehr nach Wrestling als nach Boxen, was aber letztlich nicht abwegig wäre: Briggs inszenierte schon seine Rivalität mit den Klitschkos mit an WWE und Co. erinnernden Auftritten - man denke vor allem an die Szene im Jahr 2014, als er Wladimir Klitschko mit einem Jetski bei Paddelübungen im Meer störte und ins Wasser bugsierte.Tyson und Holyfield sind ebenfalls Wrestling-Fans, Tyson steht aktuell gar in Verhandlungen für ein Match mit Showkampf-Star Chris Jericho bei der Liga AEW, für die er vor kurzem erst mehrere Auftritte absolvierte.Briggs, der 2010 einen WM-Kampf gegen Vitali Klitschko nach Punkten verlor und dabei viele heftige Kopftreffer kassierte, stand seit 2016 nicht mehr im Ring, hält sich aber beständig im Gespräch. Wladimir Klitschko, mit dem ein Kampf immer wieder im Raum stand, aber nie zustande kam, folgte Briggs 2017 nach der Niederlage gegen Anthony Joshua in den Ruhestand.

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By: Hans ThemistodeWhen Tyson Fury made the claim that he was the best fighter in the world several years ago, he was met with laughs and smart remarks. Now however, there isn’t a smile in sight when those words are uttered. If you’re looking for a seat at the table for a date with Fury in the coming years, it’s best that you take a rain check. The current WBC Heavyweight titlist has three candle lit dinners with some of the best fighters that the division has to offer in Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua. A win in the sport of boxing is never guaranteed, but in the case of Fury, the betting market seems to believe that the outcome will be the same regardless whom he faces. Which is to say, Fury's hand will be raised in victory while his opponent is either slumped over the bottom rope or left scratching their head trying to figure out what went wrong. According to Pete Watt over at Oddschecker, Fury has not only been tabbed as a -266 favorite to take down Wilder again, but he’s also been given the edge against Joshua at -186. Believers in both Wilder and Joshua could rake in the big bucks if they side with either man as they’ve been given +175 and +275 odds respectively. Those looking for even better better numbers, can throw a few dollars on the chances of a draw. Whether fans decide to take the +2500 odds associated with Wilder vs Fury 3 or the +3000 odds linked to Joshua vs Fury, the outcome of a draw will leave bettors planning an early retirement. With Fury becoming the man to beat in the division, it’s a position he isn’t familiar with. In his 2015 title fight against Wladimir Klitschko, Fury was expected to become victim number 23 on Klitschko’s long title reign. But at +350, someone cashed in big time as the British born big man won an ugly unanimous decision. At +105 odds for his rematch with Wilder, Fury once again rewarded someone’s bank account with another stellar win. Now that he’s in the favored seat though, bettors could still cash in with him. Just not as much as they've grown accustomed to. Wilder vs Fury 3 has a tentative date set for December of 2020 while Joshua will get his crack in back to back fights in 2021. Provided of course, Fury gets by Wilder again and Joshua takes care of his IBF mandatory challenger in Kubrat Pulev. The post Tyson Fury Tabbed as Early Favorite Against Both Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder appeared first on

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By: Oliver McManusWith boxingon hold for the foreseeable future, at least in the form we know it, BoxingInsider is taking a look at top prospects to keep an eye on when the sportreturns. The five names below cover bantamweight, super bantamweight andfeatherweight: they all, naturally, have different ceilings to their abilitybut, most importantly, they all pack some entertaining punch!As with last week we will start proceedings witha sumptuous Uzbek talent. Shakhobidin Zoirov is another pearlfrom the far-flung country with Gold at the 2016 Rio Olympics and 2019 WorldChampionships in Yekaterinburg. Both those triumphs came at 52kg and southpawnow competes in the slightly heavier bantamweight division (53.5kg). Havingdebuted in April last year, Zoirov made light work of Anthony Holt (5-4-1): aslam-dunk straight left hand inside of 20 seconds and that was that. Since thenhe’s moved to 3-0 in equally breezy fashion.Elie Konki, as it stands, is one of the more advanced fighters on this list, to date,  having captured the EBU-EU bantamweight title in December. The Frenchman, a Rio 2016 competitor, first caught my attention with a real nip-and-tuck encounter against Benedikt Croze for the French bantamweight title in 2018. In that fight he was forced to work under pressure but looked comfortable on the back-foot and dug deep to grind the win. Since then the 28 year old defended his title, with relative comfort, on three occasions and hand Sebastian Perez (12-0-1 at the time) his first loss to claim the EU strap.Comparisons between Dennis McCann and NaseemHamed are as frequent as rainfall in Quibdo, Colombia (the world’s rainiestcity, in case you didn’t work it out). There are undeniable similarities andthe influence is clear: whilst McCann has some polishing work to do youwouldn’t expect anything less from a 19 year old prodigy. Guided by FrankWarren, you can be assured that he’ll take the right steps at the right timeand he’s already tested the durability of four of his six opponents. Despitefacing journeymen, again to be expected, he does so in an eye catching mannerthat ensures they leave the ring wondering just what they’d been up against.Another southpaw making the list is 21 year old RaymondFord who has looked every bit as ‘Savage’ as his nickname would suggest.A 2018 U.S Golden Gloves champion there was significant clamour for hissignature on a promotional contract and it was Eddie Hearn who secured it. Partof a new dawn with Matchroom USA the, once, Olympic contender has reallysettled in the paid ranks with five wins inside nine months of his pro debut.That included a four round pasting of, noticeably teak tough, AleksandrsBirkenbergs and two well worked stoppages in Phoenix and Providence. Don’tsleep on him because Raymond Ford looks cut out for the very top.Musashi Mori is yet anotheryoung fighter coming out of Japan that looks like a superstar in the making.One bonus, you could say, of boxing in Japan is that, almost certainly, by thetime you’re ready to burst onto the world scene you remain very much a hiddengem. Mori is one such name having already worked his way up the WBO rankings byway of their Asia-Pacific featherweight belt. At 20 years of age and 11-0 sincehis debut in December 2016 the southpaw is consistently maturing in the ring.The word coming out of Japan, at the start of the year anyway, was that hewould contest a bona-fide world title in 2020 and, whilst that may well be onhold, the ambition certainly isn’t.The post Prospect Watch: Bantamweight, Super Bantamweight, and Featherweight appeared first on

Nach Dopingskandalen meldet sich Schwergewicht Jarrell Miller zurück! „Big Baby“ soll als Headliner auf einer ESPN-Card auf Jerry Forrest treffen. Schwergewichtler Jarrell Miller vor Top Rank Debüt gegen Jerry Forrest Wie mehrere Quellen berichten, soll Schwergewicht Jarrell Miller (23-0-1 20 KOs) am 9. Juli wieder in den Ring steigen. Auf einer auf ESPN ausgestrahlten Card, […]The post Top Rank Debüt: Jarrell Miller vs. Jerry Forrest am 9. Juli appeared first on - aktuelle Boxen News.

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Schattenboxer – das ist Hinterhof. Das ist die Farbschicht, die von Betonwänden abblättert, an denen Bilder kleben: manche schwarz, manche weiss und einige bunt. Schattenboxer – Die Geschichte von Emanuel Augustus Von einem Kämpfer, der sich selbst Dragon Master nannte, aber von anderen Drunken Master gerufen wurde Wir wissen es von unzähligen Beispielen: Talent plus […]The post Schattenboxer Teil 11: Emanuel Augustus appeared first on - aktuelle Boxen News.