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Federer, Roger

07.05.2021 - 18:08 Uhr

Roger Federer fans will be delighted to hear that the Swiss will never stop playing tennis, at least in cartoon form. This week, Globi released its 92nd edition of the Globi series titled “Globi and Roger”. The iconic blue parrot, who can best be described as Switzerland’s Mickey Mouse, was created by Robert Lips in 1932 as a cartoon strip that later became a picture book. Globi has been most popular in Switzerland and Federer boasts his own comic collection from his childhood. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Roger Federer (@rogerfederer)Globi’s latest adventure might be his biggest ever as he and Federer go to Wimbledon, play tennis together and visit a school in Africa. Globi is well-known for wearing his beret and wide plaid trousers on his many adventures, while the cartoonists stay true to Federer’s style by putting him in matching outfits complete with his signature bandana. Federer's four children and wife Mirka even make a cameo appearance.Federer was involved in more than permitting the use of his name and likeness as the 39-year-old offered up his life stories, took part in the conceptualisation of the book and penned the foreword.The comic is available in German, English and French as well as an audio book CD.

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