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Welcome back to another edition of the Turn On The Jets 12 Pack. Make sure to subscribe to the TOJ podcast (hit us with a rating!)… For today’s 12 pack, we are going to break down what an ambitious, outside the box offseason would look like for the New York Jets. A few caveats before we get into this exercise. This is not a prediction for what is going to happen. This is not a traditional Jets approach to the offseason or even a traditional approach for most teams. The basis for this offseason model is the Jets deciding to radically shake things up because they have been mired in a 9 year playoff drought and are going to need to overcome the burden of a bottom three offensive coaching staff next year. It is also built to operate with extreme urgency as the clock is ticking on Sam Darnold’s contract, with all that being said… 1 – The Most Unpopular Trade: Jamal Adams is the best safety in the NFL and a terrific all around football player. He is likely to receive somewhere around 70 million dollars for his ine