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By: Hans ThemistodeReaching the Hall of Fame is the goal for every athlete. It doesn't quite matter what sport you’re discussing, the end goal is always the same. In the sport of boxing, getting to the Hall of Fame is beyond important. Winning world titles and claiming a spot on the pound for pound list is great. But they are all meaningless in comparison. Landing a spot in the Hall, officially stamps a fighters status as an all-time great. And this year’s 2020 class had done just that over the course of their careers. The loaded class which contains names such as former two division world champ Bernard Hopkins, three division titlist Shane Mosley, four division champion Juan Manuel Marquez, former women’s belt holder Christy Martin and promoters Lou DiBella and Kathy Duva were set to be inducted in June of 2020. Now however, they will have to wait a bit longer as the Coronavirus has officially moved back their induction date. The 2020 class will now be inducted in 2021. As for the 2021 class, they will also be inducted as well in what is being described as a double ceremony. “By combining the celebrations of the induction classes of 2020 and 2021, the Hall of Fame can honor inductees with all the bells and whistles that the Hall of Fame Weekend is known for,” Hall of Fame executive director Edward Brophy said.“By honoring the two classes in a one-of-a-kind induction weekend, the Hall of Fame will be able to put all the winning combinations together for the inductees, fans and the entire sport of boxing.”The newly minted Hall of Fame inductees are always memorable. But the 2020 class is one of the very best of all-time. Throughout the 23 year career of Shane Mosley, he accomplished just about everything humanly possible. In 1998 and 2000 Mosely was voted the fighter of the year. He followed that up with back to back rankings in 2000 and 2001 as the best pound for pound fighter in the world by The Ring magazine. Mosley also won his fair share of big fights. His resume includes two wins over Oscar De La Hoya, Fernando Vargas, Luis Collazo and Antonio Margarito. In any other year, Mosley would be viewed as the main prize. But with former undisputed Middleweight champ Bernard Hopkins also on the list, Mosley will gladly play second fiddle. If there’s one fight that boxers can’t win, it’s against Father Time. But Hopkins may have handed it the first loss of its career. Forget about the record setting 20 title defenses that Hopkins set in the Middleweight division. Also ignore his ridiculous resume that includes wins over Jean Pascal, Roy Jones Jr, Antonio Tarver, Oscar De La Hoya and Felix Trinidad. Simply stare at his other achievement. Hopkins at 48, holds the record as the oldest fighter to win a world title. When he finally decided to call it a career at the age of 51, it wouldn't have surprised anyone if he decided to change course and keep things going. The two division champion kept himself in shape all year round. Because of that, he was nearly impossible to beat in his prime.The 2020 Hall of Fame class is one of the most memorable in recent memory. But at this point, they will have to wait one full year before they receive the biggest honor of their careers. The post Boxing Hall of Fame Postpones 2020 Class Until 2021 Due to Coronavirus appeared first on



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AGON Sports & Events meldet sich zurück in den Ring. Als erster Profiboxstall darf das Berliner Team trotz COVID-19 eine Veranstaltung durchführen. Erste Details über AGONs Box-Event am 12. Juni Vorausgegangen war die Erarbeitung eines umfangreichen Veranstaltungskonzepts mit hohen Hygiene- und Sicherheitsstandards, dass AGONs Sportmanager Dr. Strickrodt vom Berliner Senat bewilligt bekam. Einziger Wermutstropfen: Zuschauer […]The post Deutsche Meister zwischen Gualtieri und Pavlov am 12. Juni appeared first on - aktuelle Boxen News.

BJ Saunders – der Pöbelprinz in der Warteschleife Findet die Begegnung zwischen Billy Joe Saunders und ‚Canelo‘ Alvarez noch statt? Oder hat sich die Angelegenheit erledigt? Auch wenn Eddie Hearn angeblich immer noch davon ausgeht, dass es im Laufe des Jahres zu diesem Kampf kommt, gab es nie eine offizielle Stellungnahme von Alvarez` Team dazu. Im Gespräch mit „Box Azteca“ hat Alvarez` langjähriger Trainer Eddy Reynoso vor kurzem erklärt, dass ‚Canelo‘ beabsichtige, 2020 noch zweimal zu boxen: „Wir konnten im Mai nicht kämpfen, also schauen wir auf September und Dezember.” DAZN möchte gerne, daß ‚Canelo‘ als nächstes gegen Gennady Golovkin kämpft. An dem Streamingdienst ist die Coronavirus-Krise nicht spurlos vorbeigegangen. Soweit bekannt, hat DAZN einen erheblichen Teil seiner über 2.000 Mitarbeiter entlassen und wohl auch einen großen Anteil seiner Abonnenten verloren. Nun müssen schnell Sportevents her, die neue Abonnenten interessieren und alte zurückgewinnen. Fraglich ist, ob Hearns Garten-„Fight Camp” dafür geeignet ist. Und auch der Fight „BJ Saunders vs Saul Alvarez“ wäre es vermutlich nicht. ...