30.03.2020 - 23:51 Uhr
By: Hans Themistode For the better part of four years, WBO Super Middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders spent the vast majority of his time calling out Canelo Alvarez. After years of employing the same tactics, Saunders finally got his wish. A date with Alvarez on May 2nd with Saunders WBO title on the line. Now, ironically enough, Saunders used his words to land the biggest fight of his career. But now, his words are about to cost him. With the entire world seemingly on quarantine thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, Saunders thought it would be funny to share a video of what men should do to their female spouses should they get on their nerves too much during isolation. quickly found out that he was the only one in the room laughing. Domestic violence has always been a hot button topic. Too many athletes have found themselves in trouble for simply failing to keep their hands to themselves. Saunders may not have actually put his hands on a female, but everyone, including his promoter Eddie Hearn is shaking their head at him. “I was appalled really,” said Hearn. “It was so idiotic, it was so frustrating because I know Billy well. He’s a really good kid, with a really good heart … but every now and again he does the most stupid things.”“It’s unacceptable for Joe Bloggs down the street to do it. It’s much more unacceptable for a world champion boxer to be doing it. People who are in abusive relationships are watching that video. You cannot do it, it’s unacceptable.”Unfortunately, domestic violence is a common occurrence. Yet, you might be willing to bet that one woman has never had to deal with it. That would be arguably the best female boxer in the world, Claressa Shields. With two gold medals, world titles in three different weight classes and an undefeated record, you would have to be crazy to even think about putting your hands on Shields. While she isn't worried about herself. She did offer a bit of advice to all the ladies in abusive relationships. Yes. Necessary? Also yes. Another fighter who decided to jump all over Billy Joe Saunders is former WBO Featherweight champion Heather Hardy. “This is not funny,” Hardy wrote in a Tweet that she has since deleted. “I can’t imagine the number of people quarantined in abusive and dangerous spaces right now, and this dumb piece of sh*t makes a joke about ‘how to hit your annoying wife.”The words of Hardy, Shields and Hearn were sharp, but Saunders really felt it when his boxing license was suspended.“Having considered comments made by Billy Joe Saunders on social media,” the BBBofC said in a statement, “we have suspended his boxer’s license pending a hearing under the board’s misconduct regulation, at a time and venue to be confirmed as soon as possible.”Saunders has always been known as having thick skin and unapologetic. But this time around, he’s noticed that he made a huge mistake. what it's worth, the boxing community has seemingly appreciated the apology. Even Hardy came around and apparently wants to sweep things under the rug. Hardy may not think that Saunders is "dick head" the rest of the world may still feel that way. He has always been perceived in an unfavorable light and this situation certainly doesn't help.If Saunders hopes to get into the good graces of everyone he'll need to take even more action. That would include becoming a social advocate against domestic violence.As for his contest with Canelo, unless he can somehow get his license back, he may have lost the biggest fight of his career before it even started. The post Billy Joe Saunders Gets License Suspended and is Ripped by Heather Hardy and Claressa Shields appeared first on



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BJ Saunders – der Pöbelprinz in der Warteschleife Findet die Begegnung zwischen Billy Joe Saunders und ‚Canelo‘ Alvarez noch statt? Oder hat sich die Angelegenheit erledigt? Auch wenn Eddie Hearn angeblich immer noch davon ausgeht, dass es im Laufe des Jahres zu diesem Kampf kommt, gab es nie eine offizielle Stellungnahme von Alvarez` Team dazu. Im Gespräch mit „Box Azteca“ hat Alvarez` langjähriger Trainer Eddy Reynoso vor kurzem erklärt, dass ‚Canelo‘ beabsichtige, 2020 noch zweimal zu boxen: „Wir konnten im Mai nicht kämpfen, also schauen wir auf September und Dezember.” DAZN möchte gerne, daß ‚Canelo‘ als nächstes gegen Gennady Golovkin kämpft. An dem Streamingdienst ist die Coronavirus-Krise nicht spurlos vorbeigegangen. Soweit bekannt, hat DAZN einen erheblichen Teil seiner über 2.000 Mitarbeiter entlassen und wohl auch einen großen Anteil seiner Abonnenten verloren. Nun müssen schnell Sportevents her, die neue Abonnenten interessieren und alte zurückgewinnen. Fraglich ist, ob Hearns Garten-„Fight Camp” dafür geeignet ist. Und auch der Fight „BJ Saunders vs Saul Alvarez“ wäre es vermutlich nicht. ...