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It's still more than a week before Super Bowl LIV, which means it's officially time to flip through the NFL's collective bargaining agreement and find all of the weird stuff in there regarding the Super Bowl — which, turns out, there is plenty of. The labor agreement reached between the NFL Players Association and the NFL team owners actually features two entire sections dedicated to Super Bowl oddities, covering everything from practice player Super Bowl rings to ticket allotments for players.

Before Joe Douglas can focus on who he plans to target in free agency come March, he’ll have a handful of in-house decisions to make. The Jets have 32 players set to hit the open market this offseason. Some don’t figure to factor into New York’s plans for 2020, while it’s safe to assume the Jets would like to keep others around for a while. Either way, Douglas has a lot of work to do in his first offseason on the job. Sam Ficken was an early season acquisition by the Jets after they moved on from Kaare Vedvik. It was a short-term kicker fix for the Jets that didn’t go very well. But if the Jets want to keep someone around that they’re familiar with, then Ficken is an option. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of holding onto Ficken for the 2020 season. Pros of keeping him There’s no denying that Ficken had a bad 2019 season, but keep in mind it was the first year he actually kicked a full season. Ficken was 19-27 on field goal attempts and 23-26 on extra points. He struggled in field goals of 40 or more